Stop Stress From Ruining Your Healthy + Beautiful Skin

If 2020 hasn’t been stressful enough, here come the holidays! Your skin is largely affected [...]

Reduce wrinkles and create new volume in cheeks and lips, without a needle!

The award winning, Fillerina, is the alternative to filler injections. It is uniquely designed to [...]

Non injectable alternative Botox | Hello Giggles

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Fillerina Lip Volume is the new generation!

Fillerina Lip Volume is the new generation that you can now purchase! There are so [...]

Fillerina Eye & Lip Contour Cream

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Filling and Volumizing. What is the difference?

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Fillerina wins NewBeauty Award for 14-day Treatment

Fillerina wins NewBeauty Award and to be considered a winner, there must be something unique. Thank you [...]

Before and After Pictures using Fillerina

Pictures using Fillerina 14-Day Treatment; BEFORE & AFTER I love the fact that this before and [...]

NewBeauty Launches Fillerina PLUS

NewBeauty Launches Fillerina PLUS. Now available in Grades 4 & 5. Fillerina traveled to New [...]

Innovative Treatments

This is a wonderful blog, but there is a typo that I will correct:  If a [...]