The most powerful Hyaluronic Acid

around the world! 


Neck and Cleavage Treatment


Fillerina® Lips and Mouth


Fillerina® Eye and Eyelids


Swiss Patent CH 705 713

Fast-penetration cosmetic dermal plumper/volumizer with (HA) for topical application.

Safe External Application

Use precision applicator on wrinkles, expression lines, cheekbones & lips.

Fast 14 Day Replenishing Treatment

2-step kit only takes 10 minutes and must be used every day for   14 days.

Choosing From the Different Grades

Fillerina® offers 5 different concentrations of HYALURONIC ACID that provide a customized answer to the specific needs of face and neck cutaneous tissues. All Grades (1, 2, 3, 4 & 5) Moisturize, Plump, and Smoothen the appearance of your skin. When choosing a Grade consider the following.

Grade 1 has higher quantities of the larger molecules to hydrate and plump, Grade 2 had a perfect blend of all 6 different sizes, when Grade 3 has a larger concentration of smaller molecules, which travel to the deeper layers for filling of moderate wrinkles.

NEW PLUS in Grade 4 & 5 have larger amounts of NEW smaller molecules to penetrate to the deepest layers of the skin for deep to very deep expression lines and loss of volume. Recommended for very mature skin.

The appearance is of INITIAL age wrinkles, expression lines and facial features with signs of sagging, especially cheekbones and lips.

The appearance is of FINE age wrinkles, expression lines and visible sagging, especially cheekbones and lips.

The appearance is of MODERATE age wrinkles, expression lines and sagging of facial features, especially cheekbones and lips.

Fillerina Grade 4 treatment is for DEEP expression lines and subtle loss of volume in the cheekbones and lips.

Fillerina Grade 5 treatment is for VERY DEEP expression lines and visible loss of volume in the cheekbones and lips.



I have only few small wrinkles so I decided to give all of the Fillerina dermo-cosmetics to my mum for testing & she used them all for 10 days so far. She used Fillerina syringe-like applicators gels, day cream, night cream and lip & eye contour cream all grade 1. She was sceptical at the beginning but now it is the best treatment she’d ever used! She observed that her skin is more hydrated and very elastic. Her wrinkles look better and she enjoyed her Fillerina routine because it’s non-invasive and gave her better results than expected. she also had a slight plumping effect on cheek bones. I’m so happy that she’s satisfied with it as it was an extra gift for Mothers Day and it worked!

Mary Arvanitis

Using Fillerina for the 14 day treatment was an exciting nightly ritual for me. Every morning I woke up with more results. After the 14 day treatment the Day, Night and Lip and Eye creams have continued to hydrate, fill and lift my skin. I am going to turn 60 in August, my skin really has not looked this good in years. I highly recommend Fillerina! My favorite is the Lip and Eye contour cream.

Kelly Mascola~FL

Since using the Fillerina, my wrinkles are less noticeable and my makeup goes on smoother, my husband even noticed! Overall, my skin texture has never looked or felt better and more hydrated. I also notice more contour in my cheeks and my lips are not as deflated. I am so in love with this product that I will use it as recommended, every 3 months.

Nicole~Palm Beach

As a professional skin care aesthetician, I see a lot of products that I am skeptical about using. When Fillerina was introduced to me, I was impressed with the science and claims behind it, that I began using it on myself first, and then showing my clients how to use it. The results over two weeks made such a difference our fine lines and lift, that it has been a best seller along with the creams, in my spa. Thank you!

Judy~St. Louis MO

I am quite skeptical when it comes to products and promises. However, I am now a loyal Fillerina customer. The product delivers. Results are instant and long lasting….and exceeded my expectations.

Forehead / Grade 2 / Age 42 / 14 Day Treatment

Eyes / Grade 3 / Age 59 / 14 Day Treatment plus 14 Days of Eye and Lip Cream

Lips / Grade 2 / Age 42 / 14 Day Treatment

Lips / Grade 3 / Age 49 / 14 Day Treatment

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