Fillerina Eye & Lip Contour Cream

fillerina Eye & Lip cream

Fillerina Eye & Lip Cream is a 2-in-1!

I never used to think of using a special cream for my eyes and especially one for my lips. When I cam across the Fillerina Eye & Lip Contour Cream, I started thinking of those ares and if they were being treated properly with aging. This skin is more delicate than the rest of the face so it needs  a cream that is designed to plump and hydrate those areas since they can show early signs of aging.

It has extracts of Almond oils, Rice oils and of course 30% of hyaluronic acid, which is for plumping. I noticed that a tiny amount goes a long way, so it is worth the investment. It is recommended that you use am and pm, yet, I carry it in my purse and apply drink the day since my skin is dry anyway.

One important factor is that others suffer from, is dry-eye syndrome. With research, we found that certain eye creams were causing this. Eye creams that was for firming, I would wake up with dry eye in one eye. I thought is was just part of aging! After using the Fillerina Eye & Lip Cream, I discovered that I was not waking up with dry eye any more and wanted to share this information. Keep that skin hydrated to plump up the wrinkles and skin, not firm it to dry it out. This has made me surprisingly happy that it not only is a 2-in-1, but for me, a 3-in-1 since it helped dry-eye syndrome!

We recommend make-up artist using this on clients before applying makeup. Don’t forget about that delicate skin and how it does need special attention. It can smooth out the fine lines around the mouth as well as add a small amount of volume. It is not an instant fix, it is gradual. Anything instant is temporary and washes off. This claims to have lasting results and either way, it is my new hero product.

It comes in 3 Grades, 1,2 3. It depends on your wrinkle depth and loss of volume. Use Grade 1 for fine lines around the eyes. Grade 2 for more visible lines and Grade 3 for deep lines.

For more severe wrinkles and loss of volume around the eyes and lips, try the NEW PLUS Eye & Lip Cream in Grade 4 & 5.