Filling and Volumizing. What is the difference?


What is the difference with Filling or Volumizing?

With so many products and claims that fill, reduce, plump, volumize and smooth, how do you know what the difference is? We broke down a few common questions that will help you understand how these products differ.

What is a filling skin-care product?

A product that reduces the depth of a wrinkle from the deeper layers of the skin.

A volumizing one?

A product that will work on the outer layers of the skin for a plumping appearance.

What are the differences between the two?

It depends on the molecule size. Smaller molecules travel to the deeper layers, when larger molecules sit on the outer layers of the skin.


When filling actions occur, you can also achieve a slight volume effect, yet, it depends on the blend of the product.
How is a filling skin-care product like injectable fillers?

It can contain the same ingredient which is Hyaluronic Acid.


Injectables are typically larger molecules going to the deeper layers for instant results. When filling skin-care products contain smaller molecules in order to penetrate on there own to the deeper layers.
What are the main ingredients used in filling skin-care products?

Hyaluronic Acid and peptides such as Matrixyl, a collagen stimulator.
Who should use these types of products?

These type of products are for anyone who with wrinkles or loss of volume in the face such as cheekbones and lips.
Why are the two types of products often confused?

When speaking of filling skin-care products, filling and volume can seem similar. Filling works at deeper levels and volume works at outer layers.

Now that you have a better understanding, Fillerina has created a blend of both large and small molecules. We are able to make the claims that it can fill in the wrinkles and also boost volume in the facial features such as cheekbones and lips. It is also important to know that Fillerina is a topical gel and has a gradual build over time.

Dont give up after one treatment, every couple of months, with another treatment , those results will continue to improve.

Let us keep filling you in!