Fillerina Lip Volume is the new generation!

Fillerina Lip Volume is the new generation that you can now purchase!

There are so many Lip plumpers available today, and it can be confusing to know which ones to purchase. The Fillerina Lip Volume is one of a kind!

We have a patent of six different hyaluronic molecules that are made to penetrate through the lips skin. This Lip Plumper Pen is a wearable gel that will dry in  a few seconds leaving the lips soft and hydrated. Follow with the application of your favorite lipstick. Fillerina recommends to apply 3-5 times a day. Results will last up to 3 months, yet it is safe to continue sooner.

lip volume

Fillerina Lip Volume has six Hyaluronic Acid (HA) in different sizes to penetrate to different layers in the skin:

The lowest molecule size of HA penetrates the deepest to promotes lip volume.

The medium molecule size HA goes to the deep and middle skin layers for both firmness and volume.

The high molecule size HA penetrates the surface layers and this improves firmness and tone.

Fillerina Lip Volume has a rollerball applicator so it’s very easy to apply. Click the bottom of the pen several times to release the product from the middle chamber. Fillerina has designed it this way to keep the product fresh and gives an accurate amount to be used each time and there’s no waste. Our design team created the pen clear to see how much is left.

We recommend drinking plenty of water for hydration and good health. Water and HA look for each other in order to bind together for lasting results.

Fillerina Lip Plumper Package

Fillerina tested subjects before and after using the Fillerina Lip Plumper after one month. Lips are noticeably fuller and have improvement. This lip plumper will also bring back the natural color by staying hydrated overall. Thanks to Fillerina’s Lip Volume, it is now possible to subtly add volume and shape to your lips without having to visit doctor offices for those injectables that can be bruising and costly.

Other ingredients promote the collagen for a gradual and progressive plumping effect. Repeat this treatment several time a year.

before and after
Before and After

Purchase one for your cosmetic bag, along with a favorite lip color. Apply while driving in the car, after having lunch and before dinner, it is that easy to get lips naturally full without any injections.