Before and After Pictures using Fillerina

pictures using fillerina

Pictures using Fillerina 14-Day Treatment; BEFORE & AFTER

I love the fact that this before and after shows not only the results in 14 days, but also after 75 days! You can see the volume it has put back into her face, lifting, filling and plumping the wrinkles and facial features. This is not a temporary fix folks, this is a LONG-LASTING result. We recommend another treatment every 2-3 months, but many of you ask if it is ok to use sooner….YES! It all depends on how fast your skin breaks down the molecules and on how hydrated you stay in your lifestyle. Sounds simple, it is.

More importantly, the daily creams are available to use from day 14 on in order to keep up the plumping!

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There are many filler products out there now, but most of them are temporary. Ours is long lasting. Temporary fillers have a tendency to wash off and then you have to continue to use them. Fillerina is only a 14-day treatment with results lasting up to 3 – months!

The before and after pictures, are taken with real people and iPhones, rather than studio pictures. Those can look inaccurate due to touch-ups. On the Fillerina website, there are diagrams of true measurements that have been endorsed by the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, which we pride ourselves on very high.

If you would like to take pictures to document results, take the picture at the same time each day. The results build slowly so after the treatment is finished, you can look back an begin to notice the filling that has happened.

Visit our website to see more before and after pictures using Fillerina! We now offer Fillerina PLUS for more mature skin. Fillerina PLUS acts faster and last longer offering 8 molecules for deeper lines.