NewBeauty Launches Fillerina PLUS

NewBeauty Launches Fillerina PLUS

NewBeauty Launches Fillerina PLUS. Now available in Grades 4 & 5.

Fillerina traveled to New Beauty offices last week to meet the editor for a complete overview of Fillerina PLUS. They are thrilled with the innovation of Fillerina PLUS since they have many products on their desks and still seek the best in skin-care technology.

5 questions the editor from NewBeauty asked:

What is the difference with Fillerina and Fillerina PLUS?

The difference is the amount of molecules. Fillerina contains 6 hyaluronic molecules, when the PLUS now offers 8!

Why were 2 more molecules added?

We created 2 more smaller molecules that travel even deeper and faster. Most importantly, these are needed for deeper lines and very sagging skin. Unfortunately, large molecules do not travel far on their own. Large molecules sit on the outer layers of the skin, mainly to give the appearance of plumped up skin. The filling action needs to occur at the deeper layers. There is also larger amounts of all molecules in the PLUS collection, making this perfect for more mature skin.

What is the difference with Grade 4 & 5?

Again, it is the amount of hyaluronic molecules that differ. The Grade 5 has the most in the smallest molecules. Furthermore, this would be perfect for the woman who has VERY deep folds and wrinkles.

How long does the treatment last?

Each skin type is different and breaks down Hyaluronic molecules each day. The 14-day treatment can last up to 3 months, and then another one is to be repeated. It is very safe to repeat treatments sooner if you desire.

Do the Fillerina PLUS creams have 8 hyaluronic molecule

Yes!! Each cream contains 30% of the 8 molecules. Therefore, if you use these after your 14-day treatment, you will continue to plump up, making the treatment results last longer. These creams have become a favorite with celebrity make-up artist when working on motion picture sets.

A shout-out Thank you to NewBeauty for launching Filling PLUS and giving it your thumbs up!!