Fillerina wins NewBeauty Award for 14-day Treatment

Fillerina wins NewBeauty Award

Fillerina wins NewBeauty Award and to be considered a winner, there must be something unique.

Thank you to NewBeauty Awards, for recognizing this special product for an award. NewBeauty magazine is the most up-to-date magazine that features the latest and greatest beauty products and services. To win an award with NewBeauty, means you need something unique with claims that can support it. The Fillerina 14-day Treatment is the most powerful topical filler, now available in 37 countries. Fillerina reduces wrinkles and adds volume in cheekbones and lips. The gel is to be drawn on forehead, cheeks, lips, neck, and other expression lines that need filling and plumping. Apply with the applicator that measures at 1ml. Use 2ml each day, that will last up to 14-days. Next, wait for 10 minuets, then pat into the skin. Follow with the Nourishing Film, which goes all over the face to seal in the filler gel. That’s it!

fillerina wins new beauty award

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First of all, keep in mind that each skin type is different. Some experience results right away, when others see more results after repeating treatments. This does not mean it is not working for you. What this means, is that the filling is happening at the lower levels. Once the lower levels have filled up, the filling begins to build more to the outer levels.

Furthermore, this is also why there are 3 different Grades. Each Grade has a different amount of molecule sizes. Here is an example: If there are not any deep lines and Grade 3 is chosen, which has more of the smaller molecules, those smaller molecules are not needed in the deeper layers, since they still exist. In this case, Grade 1 is a better choice. An important thing to remember is that small molecules travel far. Therefore, if a wrinkle is deep, you need to fill it in at the deepest level. Most of all, each Grade is determined by skin type, not strength, or age.

The topical filler has a high levels of hyaluronic acid, similar to injectable fillers that you see in doctor offices.The most familiar injectables are Restalyn. What are doctors injecting? Coincidently, they are large hyaluronic molecules being injected into the deepest layers, for instant results. This can result in  bruising and in addition, be expensive. Large molecules do not typically absorb past the outer layers of the skin, only smaller ones can travel far on their own. Fillerina is the first product that contains small enough molecules to do this.

The reason Fillerina won the NewBeauty award is due to having six molecules sizes traveling to different layers of the skin for a natural, gradual build. The more often you use a treatment, the better results. Fillerina has almost 1200 reports showing 98% satisfaction from the Fillerina 14-day treatment. If you use Fillerina Creams, results will continue to improve each day. Fillerina is the other option to hyaluronic acid injections, hence, a topical filler.

Fillerina NewBeauty Awards will be meeting New York City with the biggest influencers and bloggers and “filling them in” on our award winning product.

Finally, now available is  Fillerina PLUS that contains 8 molecules of hyaluronic acid. Grade 4 & 5 are for Deep to Very Deep wrinkles and loss of volume. The NEW PLUS collection also includes creams for Day, Night, and Eye & Lip Duo for daily maintenance.

Results continue to improve by using the creams each day between your 14-day treatments.