My Favorite Lip Plumper | Pretty Connected

This is not an immediate lip enhancer, it’s one that works over time for more lasting effects. Everyone knows that I love hyaluronic acid, so the fact that this dermo-cosmetic gel promotes lip size with the help of not one, but SIX hyaluronic acid molecules is amazing. Fillerina’s Lip Plump Gel claims to plump and hydrate lips for a noticeable difference lasting up to 4 months when applied 3-5 times a day for 30 day period. Fillerina advises users to drink lots of water in between applications to stay hydrated and maximize the hyaluronic acids.

Application is quick and easy with their rollerball design. The product comes out as clear and almost gloss-like, but will be visibly undetectable on the lips. I found that it made my lips feel a bit dry after the product had set in, so make sure you moisturize your lips throughout the day. I just started using it but my intern (who asked for it for Christmas!) and been religiously using it for over a month and noticed a definite expansion in her upper lip, as well as a noticeable smoothness on the lower. She still has enough product left for at least another full month, so we’ll keep you posted on both of our progress. It’s pricey but effective! -Article by Pretty Connected (Read whole article HERE)