Product FAQs

SINCE WHICH AGE CAN I START TO USE FILLERINA?   Fillerina is a dermo-cosmetic filler treatment, which is able to obstruct wrinkles and to give more volume to those areas of the face that are more subject to skin sagging with time-passing. For this reason, of course, the product is suitable for those people whose skin presents such kinds of beauty flaws. It is hard to say an age, but we can say that it can be used by women as young as 25-30 years old.

CAN I USE FILLERINA TREATMENT ON NECK AND DECOLLETAGE TOO?   Fillerina Face Treatment supports the filling action on expression lines and age wrinkles of specific areas of the face, cheekbones and oval contour. If necessary, it can be used on neck and décolletage too.

We have a Specific Zone Neck and Cleavage Treatment formulated especially for this area.  It is made exactly for the thin skin on the neck,  different formula than the Face Treatment.

We also have a Neck and Cleavage Cream that has 8 HA and 3 Collagen Molecules for daily use.

CAN I USE FILLERINA TREATMENT ON MOUTH’S HIGHER LIP WRINKLES TOO?   Fillerina is particularly indicated to fill expression lines: vertical wrinkles on the lips are small expression lines, which can be filled up by Fillerina Gel Filler. Its hyaluronic acids will fill the empty spaces caused by wrinkles, which will progressively appear less marked.

We have the New Specific Zone Lips and Mouth that has added Collagen and is formulated for this skin around the lips.  This product also will plump the lips.

WHAT HAPPENS IF MY APPLICATIONS OF FILLERINA TREATMENT ARE NOT CONSTANT?   It is important not to forget to apply Fillerina. It is important to follow the treatment schedule and its conditions of use. An inconstant application of Fillerina could frustrate the awaited results.  You are building little structures in the wrinkle area by using the precision applicator.  It is important to add to this structure every 24 hours in order to get results. 

WHAT IF I SKIP THE STEP 2 NOURISHING FILM?  Fillerina is a 2 step treatment and it is very important that both products are used.  The Step 1 Filler Gel is the HA and works to plump and fill, the Step 2 Nourishing Film provides important tightening ingredients that lift and tighten the skin.  All areas of aging are attached with both steps.  The Nourishing Film also seals the HA molecules in place while sleeping.  We cannot assure results unless both products are used and all instructions are followed.

WHEN SHOULD I DO THE TREATMENT?   We recommend at night while your cells are resting. Some of the product will sit on top of the skin in excess, and it does not work to apply makeup after treatment.  It is best at night and to wash your face in the am and use the Fillerina Creams.

WHAT IS THE EXCESS PRODUCT (PILLING) ON MY SKIN WHEN USING THE TREATMENT?   Could be a few things, you used too much product or simply the larger molecules that work the top layer of the skin.  This is normal, either just leave them or gently brush them off with your fingers.

HOW DOES THE ORGANISM ASSIMILATE FILLERINA?   In the course of time, skin cells metabolize Fillerina’s active ingredients, i.e. its hyaluronic acids, and uses them in order to guarantee their filling action. Hyaluronic acid molecules are able to bind water molecules and to promote a progressive filling action of the skin tissue.  By adding the treatment nightly for 14 days, the molecules bind to each other (crosslinked) and expand in the skin tissues to plump up the wrinkles.

WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO DRINK AT LEAST TWO GLASSES OF WATER BEFORE THE APPLICATION?   Hyaluronic acid filling properties are linked to its capacity of binding water molecules in the tissues. The largest the quantity of water that the hyaluronic acid binds, the most effective its capacity of plumping up tissues will be: this way it will fill wrinkles and empty areas of the face. By providing water to the organism, we provide water to cutaneous tissues too: this presence will be captured by Fillerina hyaluronic acid.

WHAT DO THE PRODUCT’S DIFFERENT GRADES STAND FOR?   Fillerina’s different grades indicate different concentrations of active ingredients, thus, the consumer will have the possibility of choosing which treatment fits best to his personal conditions concerning skin depressions (wrinkles) and volume needs (cheekbones and lips).

The difference is in the distribution of the different sizes of HA molecules in each grade.  Grade 1 has a higher % of the larger sizes which penetrate the top layers of the skin, absorb more moisture from the atmosphere, mainly provide volume in the cheekbones and lips and beautiful moisturized skin.  Grade 3 has a higher % or the smaller sizes which are needed to penetrate deep into all layers of the skin and build upon each other to gradually smooth out deep wrinkles and correct sagging aging skin. Grade 2 is a nice even mix to benefit the middle range of skin.  Grade 4 (PLUS) has 2 additional small molecules as well as 15% more molecules, it is for more aged skin with deep wrinkles and sagging.  Grade 5 also has 2 additional smaller molecule and has 30% more total molecules, it is for severe aging and very deep wrinkles.  Higher grades are wasted and will not work as well on a person who does not have a lot of deep wrinkles and would like more volume.  The reason for the price difference is the cost of producing the smaller molecules is higher, not because it is stronger or better.   In short, lower grades are for plumping, higher grades are for filling and lifting. 



CAN YOU MIX GRADES?   Yes, depending on the needs of the entire face.  Treatments can also be combined with other Grade Creams. Fillerina is all about contouring the skin, you may need the higher grade to fill in area wrinkles, but can also use the lower grades if you want to get the plumping benefits on the cheeks and lips. All products can be mix and matched. 

WHAT IF THE TREATMENT CAUSES THE SKIN TO BREAKOUT?   If the treatment causes minor breakouts, this is probably from the Nourishing Film, not the Replenishing Gel. A suggestion is to use less or stop using the Nourishing Film for a day or so, but continue the 14 days with the Gel.  The Nourishing Film is an important part of the treatment as it has the sealing and tightening ingredients in it.  If a major rash or reaction is caused, which is very unusual, stop using the product.  If the person has allergies or very sensitive skin as with any skin care products, the product should be tested on a small area first.

HOW MUCH TIME DOES THE TREATMENT LAST? WHAT HAPPENS AT THE END OF THE TREATMENT? CAN I REPEAT THE TREATMENT?   Fillerina filling treatment must be used every day for 14 days. Fillerina is a cosmetic treatment based on hyaluronic acids with different molecular weights, which helps fill wrinkles, expression lines and empty areas of the face. Because of its specific nature – it is a cosmetic treatment for topical use – its effects are temporary. If you wish to maintain the achieved results, we recommend to repeat the treatment every 3-4 months. Between a cycle and the other, you can apply Fillerina Day and Night Creams.

It is fine to continue using your treatment for longer than 14 days until gone.  It is important to put all 30 ml. into the skin over time. 

CLEANING THE APPLICATOR DURING TREATMENT   Rinse the applicator in warm water after use each night and allow it to air dry, keep the rubber tip on the end of the applicator when not in use.  The tip of the applicator screws on and off, some come loose during shipping.  Make customers aware of this so they do not think the applicator is broken.

HOW SHOULD I PRESERVE THE PRODUCTS DURING THE TREATMENT?   Once opened, Fillerina Gel and Nourishing Film should be room-temperature stored, inside their original bottles.  The kit includes plastic travel caps which seal the bottles tightly.  It is perfectly safe to travel with the treatment as long as you use the plastic caps.  Toss the rubber stoppers after opening.   Be careful when opening and follow the direction of the arrows on the metal cap to avoid cutting yourself.

CAN I UNDERGO A FACIAL CLEANSING OR GET A SUNLAMP DURING THE TREATMENT?   Sunlamps are extremely stressful for our skin, which consequently will be more inclined to dehydration and wrinkle formation. This is why, in order to promote Fillerina’s best cosmetic results, we advise not to undergo sunlamps. A frequent facial cleansing, instead, can support the deep penetration of hyaluronic acids into the skin and Fillerina’s positive effects, as the skin will be free from impurities and an excess of sebum.  Any exfoliating treatment is excellent to do before using Fillerina.  Fillerina can also be used during/ after any LED Light treatments, micro-dermabrasion and micro needling.   Wait 2 weeks after any intense Laser or resurfacing treatments. 

CAN I USE FILLERINA DURING PREGNANCY OR BREASTFEEDING?   Fillerina can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding. 

CAN I SUN DURING THE TREATMENT?   After Fillerina application you can sun, it being understood that a long exposure requires the application of a sunscreen containing specific and appropriate UV protective filters and in line with your own photo type.

ARE THERE CONTRADICATIONS FOR THE USE OF FILLERINA TREATMENT ON A SKIN SUBJECT TO ACNE, ROSACEA AND ACNE SCARRING?   If your skin presents sebum and acne, it is advisable to apply a gentle face cleanser before Fillerina application.  HA can improve your skin’s moisture content and at the same time strengthen skin’s barrier.  A healthy barrier looks and feels softer, smoother and plumper, all hallmarks of younger looking skin.  Sun damage, acne, sensitive skin and rosacea, can lead to a damaged barrier, so repairing the skins barrier with skin-identical ingredients, like HA can work towards fixing those issues or minimizing them.  HA is a lightweight texture which is not an issue for oily skin and is gentle enough for sensitive skin. 

HA also provides antioxidant defence against free-radical damage and reduces inflammation.

CAN I USE OTHER PRODUCTS SUCH AS RETIN A?   Yes, other skin creams can be used with Fillerina.  Fillerina skins creams are recommended as they also have the 6-8 patented HA molecules and will increase the results during the 14-day treatment and after treatment.

It is recommended not to use another night cream during the 14-day treatment, the nourishing film should provide enough moisturizer.  Use only the treatment.  The nourishing film will seal the skin while you are sleeping and will not allow any other products to penetrate, so any other creams used over this would only be wasted.

Retin A is an exfoliate and is not recommended during the 14-day treatment, it is actually good to take a break occasionally from Retin A.  Once the treatment is completed, you can continue the Retin A.  However, if used with Fillerina day or night cream, always use the Fillerina product first, allow the 6 HA molecules to absorb into the skin tissues for a few minutes and then apply other product on top.  Other products only benefit the top layers of our skin therefore you want to create a layering effect by using Fillerina on clean skin first.  Fillerina Night Cream contains Retinol in the ingredients.

SHELF LIFE   5 years, treatments and creams. (unopened)    1 year, treatments and creams.  (opened)

CAN YOU USE THE LIP PLUMP ON OTHER AREAS OF THE FACE AND OTHER FILLERINA PRODUCTS?   The formula of the Lip Plump was developed specifically for the texture of the lip skin. It is not meant to work around the eye area.  It is a thinner formula that will not work as well on other areas of the face

We have the new Specific Zone Products specifically formulated for different areas.

Eyes and Eyelids, fill in hollowness, tighten the lids, lift the brows and soften crows feet. Contains 8 HA and 3 Collagen Molecules.

Lips and Mouth, fills in the lines around the lips as well as plumps the lips.   The Lip Plump is mainly for plumping the lips.  Contain 8 HA and 3 Collagen molecules.

Lip Plump is solely Hyaluronic Acid and does not contain any temporary lip plumping ingredients.  It must be used 3-5 times daily and will gradually add volume to the lips.  The results last for up to 3 months. 

Fillerina Daily Creams, Day, Night and Eye and Lip Contour Cream

All three creams contain 6 – 8 sizes of the HA molecules which make up 1/3 of the ingredients in each tube.  

They penetrate fully to the dermis because of the smaller size molecules in the formula. 




WILL GRADE 3 WORK FASTER THAN GRADE 5?  Actually, the lower grades show results faster as there are less problems to correct.  The lower the grade the higher concentration of middle and large size molecules which work the surface layers and show quick results.  The women that needs Grade 4 or 5 has deep or severe wrinkles and needs the concentration of small molecules to work deep down.  These molecules will take a bit longer to build up which is why, Grade 4 and 5 have more molecules.  If the women does not have deep wrinkles these smaller molecules will be wasted on her and she will not see the plumping results that she is looking for.   It is not about how quick each grade works, it is about the condition of the skin.  Older skin will obviously take longer to correct.  We recommend repeating the treatment every 3 months especially for aged skin.

DO I HAVE TO STOP AFTER 14 DAYS?  14 days is the minimum but if you have product left continue until it is gone.  You want to put all the plumping gel into the skin over time.

DO I WASH MY FACE IN THE MORNING AFTER USING THE TREATMENT AT NIGHT? Yes, the product acts as a mask and stays on you face through the night. 

DO I WASH MY FACE BEFORE USING THE TREATMENT? Yes.  Please start with a clean fresh face.

CAN I USE A FACIAL SCRUB BEFORE APPLYING THE TREATMENT? Yes, cleaner pore and skin allow deeper penetration.


WILL FILLERINA HURT MY FILLERS? No, Fillers are also Hyaluronic Acid.  Fillerina will maintain and make them last longer.

WHY IS NOTHING COMING OUT OF THE APPLICATOR? 1. You need to remove the white rubber cap on the tip.  This is to keep it clean between uses.  2. The tip of the applicator is screwed on tightly.  The tips screws off for easy cleaning.  If it is not tight it will not pull product up.

PRODUCT IS NOT COMING OUT OF THE BOTTLE? Have you removed the white rubber applicator caps? Have you removed the grey stoppers on top of the bottles?  Do not attempt to poke the applicator through the top of the bottles like a needle.  The metal cap should be removed, the rubber stoppers tossed and replaced with the plastic travel caps which fit tightly.

WHAT IF THE PRODUCT DRIPS DURING APPLICATION?  No problem, just tap the drip area with your finger and it will stop.  Be careful not to put too much gel on each area.

WHAT IF ALL THE PRODUCT DOES NOT PENETRATE IN THE 10 MINUTES WAITING TIME?  It really should not, only the small and medium size molecules start penetrating within the 10 minutes.  The large molecules will hydrate and plump the top layer of your skin so some of this product will still be on your skin.   Push this product into all areas of your face to utilize hydration for your whole face.  If the product is a clear film or is sticky, that is normal.  After patting it into the skin, apply the step 2 Nourishing Film right on top and pat into the skin.