Your custom treatment in 4 steps

Step 1

Choose the Area

Step 2

Choose the Transdermic Base

Step 3

Choose From 1-3 Active Ingredients

Step 4

Choose your Extra Help


Choose the Transdermic Base

Choose the Transdermic Base according to the desidered texture. Choose between R, L and Base O.


For Eye and Lip Contour Base choose E

A delicate emulsion, specifically formulated for the eye and lip contour. 15 ml airless dispenser.


For Dry and very dry skin choose R

A rich, emollient and velvety emulsion, suitable for dry to very dry skin. 40 ml airless dispenser.


For Normal and combination skin choose L

A silky, moisturizing and light emulsion, suitable for normal to combination skin. 40 ml airless dispenser.


For Combination and oily skin choose O

A fresh, oil-free emulsion, suitable for combination to oily skin. 40 ml airless dispenser.


Choose Strong Ingredients and for your specific needs.

Combine up to 3 droppers of active ingredients to correct your skin’s imperfections.


For Skin Regeneration choose X-Ingredients 1

7 Growth Factors: reduction of wrinkles appearance and smoothness of a renewed skin surface.


For Replenishing Relaxing Effect choose X-Ingredients 2

3 Collagens, Decontracting Peptide: for the restoration of the extra-cellular matrix, relaxing effect. 10 ml Dropper.


For Lifting Effect choose X-Ingredients 3

2 Elastins, Densifying Peptide: counter-action of the skin slackening with a lifting effect; redensifying component for a firming effect on the dermis.


For Anti-Aging Restorative Effect choose X-Ingredients 4

Omega 3-6-9: maintenance of skin integrity, defense from photo-aging damages; skin with a younger and more vital look.


For Brightening Effect choose X-Ingredients 5

Vitamin C counteracts the melanin formation and reduces excessive skin pigmentation. Lightening Peptide for a more radiant and healthy skin.


For Reduces Hyperpigmented Areas choose X-Ingredients 6

Kojic Acid to diminish the dark spots and hyperpigmented areas. Glycolic Acid for the renewal of the superficial skin layers to obtain a uniform complexion.


For Soothing Anti-Redness Effect choose X-Ingredients 7

Panthenol and Bisabolol, with strong soothing and calming properties, to promote a strengthening and protective effect.


For Hydration and Nourishment choose X-Ingredients 8

Group-B Vitamins: strong nourishing and moisturizing properties for the rebuilding of the skin lipid layer and the natural moisturizing factor.


For Mattifying Refining Effect choose X-Ingredients 9

Vitamin H to control the excessive production of skin sebum. Azelaic Acid, with antibacterial and purifying properties, to rebalance the sebaceous secretion and reduce the visibility of the pores.


For Draining Depigmenting Effect choose X-Ingredients 10

Centella Asiatica, with draining and decongestant properties, to reduce the eyelids swelling and eye contour puffiness. Hesperidin decreases the pigments build-up of the dark circles.


Choose your EXTRA HELP

The Extra Help are auxiliary actives designed to support the 10 Strong Ingredients.


For Plumping Effect choose Extra Help 7 Hyaluronic Acids

Hyaluronic Acid is one of the main components of the extracellular matrix while at a more superficial layer ensures optimal skin moisturization and comfort. It can be used, for instance, by combining it as an extra help with treatments for wrinkles (X-Ingredients 1 and 2) and for skin slackening (X-Ingredients 3).


For Skin Structuring Effect Extra Help 20 Amino Acids

In terms of the skin, Amino Acids contribute to forming the proteins responsible for the dermis’ structural fibres (Collagen, Elastin: plastic function) and many of the substances that provide a radiant and healthy complexion (metabolic function). It can be used as an extra help with all the X-Ingredients (from 1 to 10).


For Skin Renovating Effect choose Extra Help Vitamin A

Vitamin A stimulates the regeneration of the skin, prompting the keratinocytes that reside in the skin basal layer (which is situated between the epidermis and dermis) to differentiate into mature cells, which rise through the epidermal layers, renewing the skin. It can be used as an extra help with treatments for wrinkles (X-Ingredients 1 and 2), for skin slackening and mature skin (X-Ingredients 3 and 4) and for sebum and dilated pores (X-Ingredients 9).


For Anti-Oxidant Detoxifying Effect choose Extra Help Vitamin E

Resveratrol Vitamin E is one of the main and most effective antioxidant substances, which is essential to the skin for defending it against damages caused by free radicals, which attack the cell membranes in particular, weakening the entire skin system.  It can be used as an extra help with all the X-Ingredients (from 1 to 10).


For Skin Remineralizing Effect choose Extra Help 6 Minerals

6 Minerals offer a solution that is similar to skin thermal treatments, energizing and rebalancing it. It can be used as an extra help with all the X-Ingredients, in particular for the treatment of mature skin (X-Ingredients 4) and for dry, parched skin (X-Ingredients 8).