#10 Eye Bags and Dark Circles


For Draining Depigmenting Effect choose X-Ingredients 10

Centella Asiatica, with draining and decongestant properties, to reduce the eyelids swelling and eye contour puffiness. Hesperidin decreases the pigments build-up of the dark circles.

Strong Ingredients: Centella, Hesperidin
Strong Action: Draining Depigmenting Effect
Size: 10ml

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How to Use

All X-Ingredients Bases come in a box containing also a small dish and a little spatula that have been specifically conceived to mix the base with the drops of X-Ingredients concentrated solutions.

The recommended quantity of face cream per application is two doses. Dispense the two doses (to be chosen among bases R, L or O) on the small dish provided with the base cream. The number of concentrated drops to be added depends on the number of

X-Ingredients droppers chosen.

For example, when combining one X-Ingredients dropper, it is possible to add three drops to the base cream.

When combining two droppers, it is possible to add three drops per bottle, for a total of six drops.

When combining three droppers, the recommended number of drops per bottle is two, for a total of six drops.

By means of the little spatula, mix the ingredients up to forming a fluid and perfectly blended preparation, then apply it on face and neck after a thorough cleansing. Use once or twice a day for a 4-week cycle.

The recommended quantity of Base E (eyes and lips) consists in one dose of cream and one drop per X-Ingredients dropper, up to maximum of two X-Ingredients.


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